At PD Law Offices we provide legal support, assistance and legal representation in all areas of law, with an emphasis on Insurance Law, Commercial Law, Company Law and Administrative Law. In particular, our company covers, mainly, the following sectors:

Civil law

At PD Law Offices we undertake cases that cover the whole range of civil law, both in terms of judicial handling and in the context of providing consulting services.

Our experience in resolving civil disputes arising from contractual and non-contractual liability (tort) has established us as experts in litigation and large-scale case management against or on behalf of individuals and / or companies.

Also, our office represents foreign companies, mainly financial institutions, in any matter of civil nature (issues of consumer protection, accidents at work, claims against manufacturers, leasing agreements, agency contracts, civil contracts, etc.).

Insurance Law – Civil Liability – Compensation Claims

At PD Law Offices we represent insurance companies, agents and insurance brokers, undertaking the handling of claims for insurance compensation due to the occurrence of insurance risk (losses).

In this context and knowing in depth the specifics of the insurance market, we are able to understand the nature and characteristics of any insurance product and to successfully handle any kind of derivative claim, such as:

  • Life insurance and other insurance-based investment products
  • Industrial accident insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Professional liability of the work manufacturer
  • Professional liability of managers
  • Professional liability of bank executives and employees
  • Property insurance (fire, flood, explosion, theft, etc.)
  • Product liability insurance
  • Medical liability insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Third party liability insurance against car accidents
  • Ship insurance
  • Insurance of land, sea, air transport
  • Credit and guarantees insurance

Commercial & Company Law

The clientele of our office mainly includes companies of any legal form, domestic and foreign as well as individuals from the business world. In this context, we provide services that cover the full range of corporate and commercial law in general, such as the drafting and control of commercial contracts, the incorporation of companies and all kinds of corporate and commercial transactions.


Acting in the interests and needs of our customers, we provide legal assistance since the establishment of the company (for example, appropriate corporate form, advice on tax status, setting up branches, provision of services outside Greece, granting licenses in the context of freedom of services, installation in abroad, etc.), its operation and development (labor relations, intellectual and industrial property issues, issues that fall under the control of the Competition Commission, assistance in strategic investments, mergers, acquisitions of companies, the procedure for spinning off operations, preparation for listing, etc. .), as well as its solution in any way (insolvency and other collective proceedings, conversions, liquidations, etc.).

Regarding the foreign companies – our customers, we always take care of their smooth operation and provision of their work in Greece, with constant assistance in matters of corporate governance, compliance procedures, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Also, in PD Law Offices we have significant judicial experience in a variety of commercial and corporate disputes resulting from improper execution of commercial contracts, intercompany transactions, any form of dispute between partners, shareholders, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

The legislative and regulatory framework for the operation of much of the business is aware of limits, restrictions and rules of development that are not always clear, both domestically and internationally. In this context, we advise our customers on all issues of regulatory compliance, corporate governance and supervisory audit, so that their activity is lawful, always aiming to develop and improve performance.

For our clients operating in the financial sector, we ensure compliance with all the rules of the supervisory authorities, with the provisions on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, elaborating codes of ethics, internal regulations and commercial policies, with the rules on prevention and repression of money laundering and terrorist financing, with the provisions of competition law, personal data protection legislation (GDPR), etc.

Administrative law

At PD Law Offices we undertake lawsuits against the Greek State, seeking its civil liability in the context of defective constructions, insufficient provision of services, etc. Our experience and know-how in the field of civil liability makes us particularly successful, among other things, in our lawsuits against the Greek State.

In addition, we provide our assistance in participating in public tenders, we undertake the audit of public contracts, the provision of advice in the full range of tax law, as well as the recognition of academic degrees of educational institutions abroad.

Out-of-Court Settlement

At PD Law Offices we undertake with great success arbitration in international civil and commercial law disputes. Following the legislative developments for the amicable settlement of disputes, our office has already adopted procedures for the easy and fast implementation of the institution of mediation, while we have in our staff accredited mediators.