At PD Law Offices we are committed to defend the rights of our customers and to contribute to the achievement of their objectives by combining:

  • Professionalism with a human approach
  • Efficiency with consistency
  • Equal treatment with respect to their uniqueness

At our company we firmly believe that a lawyer cannot practice effective legal advice, if he has not deeply understood the needs of his client and, above all, if he has not been tested in the field of court practice, as our office has been doing since its establishment.

The lawyers of our office are not individually “barristers” or “solicitors”, but they combine both practices, so that our clients can benefit from their experience.

Taking into account the infrastructure of our company, the excellent training of our partners, our many years of experience, our ongoing training and specialization, but also thanks to our clientele that includes some of the largest companies in Greece and abroad, at the PD Law Offices we are able to undertake and settle any litigation and to offer our consulting advice on any matter.




‘PD Law Offices offers outstanding legal services as they not only understand the local market, but also are aware of the needs of their national and international clients. They have the ability to translate even complex legal matters in a very understandable language.’

‘We have worked with the Senior Partner Yannis Pantelidis and the Partner lawyer Angeliki Samara. Mr. Pantelidis is one of those few Gentlemen Lawyers who is able to evaluate legal issues and the consequences in real life for the client at an instant.’

‘Long -term cooperation checked in different situations, deep knowledge of the local market, regulations and court practice, ensuring results in our best interest.’

‘Creativity, mediator skills, pro-activeness and a comprehensive view on insurance claims, both in pre-litigation and litigation phase.’

Ranked in Insurance & Reinsurance as members of INSURALEX in Greece

“Insuralex selects its members using a rigorous search and appraisal process designed to ensure that all members meet those criteria and at all times offer first rate client service. It has one member in each jurisdiction where it is represented. It is a ‘preferential’ referral network, not compulsory; members firmly believe that the interests of the client come first and will refer clients only where they will be best served.

Each member of Insuralex is considered to be a leading practice in this specialist field within its national jurisdiction. Some Insuralex members are recognised by governments as experts as they have been commissioned by national governments to rewrite insurance/reinsurance laws.”