At PD Law Offices we are committed to protect the rights of our clients and help them achieve their goals by combining:

  • Professionalism with the human approach
  • Effectiveness with consistency
  • Equal treatment with respect to their uniqueness

In our company, we firmly believe that a lawyer cannot practice effective consulting unless they have a thorough understanding of his client's needs and, above all, has not been tested in the field of litigation, just as our office has done ever since its establishment.

Our office lawyers do not deal solely with "combat" or "advisory" law, but with a combination of both practices so that our clients can benefit from their experience.

Taking into consideration the infrastructure of our company, the excellent training of our partners, our many years of experience, our continuous training and specialization, but also thanks to our clientele that includes some of the largest companies in Greece and abroad, at PD Law Office we are able to handle and settle any litigation and offer our consulting services on any matter.


Our company is able to provide excellent legal support throughout Greece and abroad, as it cooperates in the handling of cross-border disputes with prominent foreign law firms, while maintaining a constant presence in the international legal community as an active member of international organizations such as:



Additionally, our office has been recognized in well known legal directories such as: